Radical feminism.
Am Yisrael Chai.
Mindless obsession with pop culture.
Peak problematic levels.


Really this has been cathartic tho, I once read an Elizabeth Bathory biography that mentioned her having witnessed someone executed that way (think: social worker) as a child, and that disturbed me for like, years

So I’m glad for the levity

However, I will not survive another Lecter/Bloom sex scene (not because like, “omg my ovaries will explode,” it’s just gross he has like a dead raccoon stapled to his chest)

btw like, I went home for my birthday, my grandma is coming tomorrow and such as, so that means that a) I forced my mother to watch Hannibal with me again which is her punishment for bringing me into this world (although she did lose it at the “social worker” part) and b) we are going to see Captain America after dinner tomorrow and I had the hardest time explaining to her what was happening in the trailer

Like, “that’s Bucky Barnes but he’s also the Winter Soldier, no he’s not the same as the Falcon ffs the Falcon has wings”

I look forward to finally understanding why you’re all problematically bihet for Sebastian Stan’s greasy hair

I’m not even gif’ing this episode my Photoshop is inside a horse